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The other day Dooley had been getting ready for a date with Mary and had decided to put on some chanel cologne that dad had sitting in the medicine cabinet. The bottle said something about its supposed powers of driving women wild and making them lose all inhibitions. That sounded good to Dooley so he splashed some on and pranced out of the bathroom to be gawked at by his thirteen younger siblings. They had been hiding behind a Stanley Home Products catalog enrapt like it was a Christmas edition with all kinds of toys and sweets. He didn't care what they thought, as he heard the first snicker, he was a grown up of eighteen now and those children could laugh all they wanted. Finally somebody guffawed and that brought the whole bunch of them down, although the youngest few probably didn't understand what they were laughing about. In that chanel cologne and the grey speckled suit he probably did look and smell different than they were used to. His ma finally came in and ran the lot out of the room and had to aim a swat at a few who were laughing so hard that they fell on the floor. She picked up the Stanley Home Products catalog and told him not to mind those young hooligans he could laugh at them when they went on their first serious dates. She took the Stanley Home Products catalog with her as she walked out of the room and kissed him on the cheek commenting on how good that chanel cologne smelled. He blushed appropriately at the compliment and headed out the door toward his car. He nervously kept checking his tie in the mirror as he drove out to Mary's folk's farm and as he started up the drive he got an even bigger charge because Mary's pa was sitting on the front stoop. He looked up from the Stanley Home Products flier he was supposedly reading and asked after the weather with a twinkle in his eye. Mary came out ready for the drive-in, told her pa to leave him alone and commented on how much she liked the chanel cologne.

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